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Car Lockout Service

I’m locked out of my car in Toronto! Enjoy a cheap car lockout service with MoveAutoz, serving all of Toronto and the surrounding area. Don’t get caught with locked keys in the car. Use the MoveAutoz car locksmith service today. Professional, fast, helpful.

Did you know that according to AAA, more than 4 million people across North America lock themselves out of their cars every year? It might feel hard to imagine that many people are in need of a car lockout service, but it’s the truth. Here at MoveAutoz, we deal with many of those by offering our car locksmith service in the Toronto area. It’s affordable, professional, and always there for you when you need it most.

Despite what some people choose to believe, the Toronto area police are not obliged to open up your car for free when you’ve locked yourself out. In fact, they’ll only ever open your car in the event of an emergency such as a child trapped in the car, especially an infant. Otherwise, you’re expected to use a car lockout service. But don’t worry, MoveAutuoz has you covered!

How Could I Get Locked Out of My Car?

You might be thinking how you would end up in that situation, locked keys in car, unable to open the door for love nor money. As we mentioned above, it’s much more common than you’d imagine. There are several scenarios that cover most of the reasons people end up needing a car lockout service.

1. You Lost Your Keys

Car key fobs have changed quite a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed a great deal is their overall size. They’re basically still the same compact unit and that means they are just as easy to misplace as they ever were in the past. Therefore, the first circumstance in which you’d need a car lockout service is if you’d lost your keys.

2. You Drive a Keyless Car

Many modern cars work on a so-called “Keyless” format. In fact, there are still keys, but the idea is that you don’t have to have them in your hand in order to open your car. The presence of the fob is enough to open the door when you try the handle. That’s always very handy.

The newest systems mean that you can also open the car with cards, and sometimes even your smartphone. What if you’ve left the main key fob in the car and it has locked itself? Very often, when the car detects the key fob is inside the car, it will lock the doors and make it impossible to simply open them from the outside. If you had the spare fob, you’d be okay, but in most situations people don’t.

It’s easier than you think to leave your fob in the car like that. You are so used to never actually handling the key, that it’s easy to toss into a storage compartment at the start of a journey and then forget to take it out with you again.

3. Key Fob is Dead

Sometimes the problem is purely technical. A key fob battery should last a few years at least, but that long period of time can always leave you feeling as though it will never run out. It tends then to run out on you at the worst-possible time. In that case, you’ll faced with the need for a car lockout service.

You could also get the key fob fix if it happens to you during the day and there’s a dealership or other supplier of key fob batteries nearby. If it happens to you at night, however, these options are not open to you. Only a car locksmith service is going to get you out of that jam.

4. You’re in a Hurry

Perhaps the biggest accidental reason people end up getting locked out of their cars is because they’re in too much of a hurry. They’ve got to get the kids to school; they’ve got to get through their morning commute in Toronto traffic; they have errands to run. There are seemingly endless calls on their time. In these rushed and stressful moments, leaving the key fob behind is easier than you’d think and you can then end up locked out of the car feeling stranded and helpless.

What Should I Do When I’m Locked Out Of My Car?

First of all, resist the natural reaction to being in this situation, which is to panic or get very angry. It is a very frustrating, even infuriating situation to in, but there’s no use in getting work up about it.

After taking a deep breath, you should give us a call here at MoveAutoz and take advantage of our car locksmith service. Whether you’ve locked keys in the car, or the fob is dead, we will send help to your location and get you back on the road in no time at all. Our speedy and professional service can get to you quickly, open up your car, ease the tension that’s built up in your mind and get you on your way home again.

While we are always happy to help you here at MoveAutoz, here are some other things you could also do to try and avoid getting into this situation in the first place:

  1. Place your keys somewhere visible in your car. If you avoid throwing them into enclosed cubbies and other storage spots, you can be sure to always see them as you prepare to get out of the car each time. Just like keeping your house keys close to your front door helps you see them and pick them up on the way out, placing them on a clear and visible surface like on the dash tray or center armrest will help.
  1. Use a lanyard or keychain to keep important keys together. Consider keeping your spare key fob attached to your other keys. In this way, you’re more likely to have the spare fob with you in the event that you locked the main one in the car. You’ll be able to open it if you have the spare one with you. It does little good sitting at home in a drawer in those situations.
  1. Check the battery on the key fob. Look out for the battery warning on the key fob. Change the battery as soon as you see the warning light/signal show up. Don’t procrastinate, and the battery won’t die on you prematurely.

Lockout Service Near Me? Call MoveAutoz

Keep our car locksmith service in mind for the next time if and when you locked out of your car. The fact is that it could happen to any of us. We’re here to help you in the Toronto area.