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Car accidents, Breakdowns, No Starts can happen anytime in Toronto,Ontario

Unfortunately, these things may happen at some point and it can be very detrimental to anyone. These matters can be stressful anytime they happen in Toronto, vaughan. There are pros and cons to being an automobile owner. As long as you prepared for such incidents you should be fine. But it’s always a good idea to have towing company information to call in such cases.

If you have involved in an accident you must stop in a safe area. If you do not stop you may be subject to criminal prosecution. (leaving the scene of an accident)

Check to see if any parties involved injured and require medical assistance and act accordingly. If possible exchange drivers’ information, getting the driver’s license, insurance automobile documents. You have a cellphone take a quick photo of all for easy access during the report session.

If the damage to all vehicles involved in the accident exceeds $2000.00 you will need to attend the Collision Reporting Center unless otherwise stated and investigated by a police officer on the scene. If the vehicles are driveable and the accident happened in the City of Toronto there are 2 locations to attend.

On the West side of the City, the location is at 113 Toryork Drive, North York, ON M9L 1X9. In the East side of the City, the location is at 39 Howden Road, Scarborough, On M1R 3C7

If your accident happened outside of Toronto you must have the report done within the City, municipality in which it occurred. Towing services in Toronto has many different operators and companies to choose from.

Towing service in Toronto, Vaughan near me

MoveAutoz Towing Services in Toronto which has tow truck service providers nearby all of Toronto and the GTA. If you are in the City above Toronto, Vaughan York Region, we suggest you contact MoveAutoz Towing Services Vaughan which has tow truck service providers in the Vaughan, York Region area. Continue reading below



We excel at what is needed most by people with broken down cars or light trucks and that is superior customer service. We send friendly tow truck drivers with professional attitudes providing towing services that are honest, dependable with good rates. They are very efficient and use advanced equipment and have wrecker tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks, and underground tow trucks. They also perform other services including but not limited to.

other services 
They also perform other services including but not limited to. Battery boosting, Tire Change, Lockout service, winching and recovery service, and more. Our service trained Professionals follow a strict customer service first company policy. Therefore we try to maintain our vision and focus as keeping you our customer happy before, during, and after any interactions that our company has. We geared to and aim for the best customer support service in this industry. Therefore, Wemoveautoz arrives quickly and in the shortest amount of time possible. We are continuously building a reputation as a leader in the towing industry. And we make great strides to provide stellar service people with keen attention to detail resulting in damage-free towing.

On-Time Service

We can move almost anything, anywhere, anytime with punctual arrivals. Whatever the task shall be, we have quality service people ready to tend to your needs. They will deliver prompt, damage-free transporting. Our goal is simple and that to be able to provide the very best towing services in Toronto GTA and Top Tow Truck Services in Vaughan York Region.
Superior Customer service to our clients as quickly as possible while giving you the most affordable prices in the area. MoveAutoz Towing began with one tow truck driver who worked with local residents abroad and dream’t to eventually build up a company.
Since 2011, we have been serving Toronto GTA Vaughan York Region and growing to the fleet that we have today. When you think of towing anywhere within GTA, think of us. We have local service vehicles and tow trucks within close proximity and ready to serve you at your request. With all of the commotion these days with outrageous towing and storage bills, we continue to use an honest pricing structure. Be sure to quote for services with answers in detail and reasoning. We will arrive with clean tow trucks ready to give you our all, but what you got to do is call.
Our vision and beliefs
Our vision and beliefs are: a satisfied and content customer shall be a lifelong relationship. This is evident with MoveAutoz, as we work hard at building a strong repeat referral and word of mouth clientele list. Make the right choice and choose MoveAutoz Towing to transport your vehicles. “Be Moved By Us” without the regrets!

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