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Things to try first if a battery boost doesn’t work.

We often get calls to assist people because they attempted to boost battery of their cars without any luck in getting it running.

I’m sure we have all had a dead battery at least once in our life as a car owner. Having a dead battery in the car means that you not getting any power whatsoever. When you place the key in the ignition and try to turn forward, there’s no response, no lights, no sound.

What do you normally do when you think you have a dead battery?

You flagged a willing participant down that’s willing to take some time out of their day to help try and give you a boost to get your car to run again on its own power.

You put one positive red cable + and place the other end of the positive red cable + to the adjoining batteries positive terminal. Place the black negative cable – to each negative post of the batteries.

booster pack to boost battery

You hop back in your car and try to turn over the engine but to no avail, no lights on the dash and no start. Or, you get lights to the dashboard but it cranks and quickly fades away but doesn’t turn over. You’re standing alongside the person that’s helping you in the freezing cold attempting to boost this battery for 10 minutes. Another attempt fails and frustration kicks in. You now thank the person for spending time trying to help. I will just call a tow truck and tow it over to the mechanics, I don’t know what’s wrong.

There are several factors and things that you may try first before giving up and towing it off to the mechanics. There are circumstances that you need to consider as well.

The outdoor elements (weather), play a part and what I mean by this is…the freezing cold, raining, and moisture. The cables that you are using to boost the car…is it in good shape? Is there rust on them? Is there any moisture from the rain, snow that got on them as you slid them along the ground?

Things that you can try to battery boost

Examine the cables before you place them on the batteries and make sure there is no moisture on any clamps or even on the batteries terminals if there was snow or rain on them try wiping them dry before attempting to boost. Electricity does not conduct when wet.

  1. Try a different set of cables should you have access to one. (they are usually always on sale during the off-season) Buy cheap be prepared
  2. In freezing cold weather try leaving them on longer. ( I have had cables on for as long as 40 minutes before i got one started)
  3. Try re-adjusting the cables, perhaps one wasn’t connecting well.
  4. Try reconnecting the negative cable to an unpainted bolt as a ground but make sure no cables are dangling in the engine near movable components.

Depending on the type of car make, in the engine area, you may see a red cover with the + sign indicating that it’s a connecting point for the positive as the battery is tucked away in the trunk, under the passenger floor rest or further down under the crossbars of the side of the engine. You may even find the positive terminal in the fuse box of some makes. Connect the negative terminal to the post that will be close by that stands an inch and half in height.

Should all your attempts fail to get the engine running there is likely something else wrong with your vehicle. Should you get the vehicle running and within seconds of removing the cables from your battery the car fails, it’s usually your alternator.

(I am not a licensed mechanic) these are based on my experiences only.

What I am good at is, Towing your car and this is where I am going to pitch for your business or try to remind you that we will be here to help should the time arise.

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