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Try this before calling for a Tow Truck

We have received calls for service on a few occasions this year for this same similar incident and when the driver showed up, they were told that the key won’t come out.

If you ever get into this situation where your key is in your ignition and it won’t turn forward or backward and the steering seems locked. Try this first, try simultaneously using your left hand and hold the steering wheel. Place your right hand on the key that is in the ignition, slowly and gently wiggle back and forth while moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth. There is a very good chance that this will release the mechanism inside that will free up the key and steering, therefore, releasing the key.

If this does not work then you can call us for our towing service to tow your car to your mechanics or back to the dealer. See our Areas page on our website to see if we are near you. Check out our other blogs for more information that can be helpful and about our tow truck services in Toronto.

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